The 24 GHz transverter along with the 10 MHz crystal oven master frequency reference and power supply. The antenna - a 1-foot dish - is bolted to the plate on which the various modules are also mounted. Both the 10 MHz reference and power supply for the transverter are connected via cables to reduce the weight of the gear that is mounted on the .... "/>
June 17, 2016: 630 Transverter. Author: Hansen, Markus, VE7CA. Encouraged by my friend Steve, VE7SL in June 2016 I built a tranmitter for the new amateur radio band, 630 Meters (475 KHz). Check Steve's blog for further inforatiom about local BC activity on 630 meters: For my first 630 Meter transmitter I used GW3EUP's design .. naked teen basketball players
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